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Personal Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

"Fair Food" is a big reason why people visit the Fair each year, but if you have dietary or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do. Please note that large coolers are not allowed at the Fair.

Beat the heat and bring your own reusable water bottle! The Fair will have a water bottle re-fill station available at the EWEB/SUB booth located in the Outdoor Commercial Vendor area.

Medical Bags and Diaper Bags

These items are allowed at the Fair however they will be searched prior to entry.

Please note that Lane County Fair is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.



The only animals allowed on the grounds are registered service animals, animals on exhibit or those used in entertainment.


No weapons except as provided by ORS 166.250. No dangerous or deadly weapons as defined by ORS 161.015. 


You may ride your bicycle to the Fair, but you may NOT bring it inside the gates. We have set up Bike parking at each of the Fair entrances and you may lock your bicycle at any of the three locations, using your own lock. These Bike parking locations are offered for your use FREE OF CHARGE.

Skateboards, Roller Skates & Hover boards

Do not bring skateboards, hover boards, foot-powered scooters, roller skates, shoes with wheels in the soles, and similar types of wheeled transportation. Wagons intended for the transport of small children may be brought into the Fair.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray and similar sprays intended for self-defense are prohibited. The Lane County Fair prohibits anything that can be used as a weapon.

Folding Chairs

There are many areas to sit throughout the Fairgrounds. Reserved seating for concerts are also available for purchase.


Please note: as of October 1, 2018, any tobacco use, including vaping devices, will not be allowed inside or on the grounds of properties owned or occupied by Lane County including: all outdoor areas, parking lots, and personal vehicles while on county property.

Other Prohibited Items:

  • Non clear Bags

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Glass Containers 

  • Coolers

  • Drones

  • Projectiles (footballs, baseballs, frisbees, etc.)

  • Signs or message boards exceeding 11x14 inches

  • Controlled substances as defined by ORS 475.005

  • Knives with a blade longer than 3 1/2''

  • Switch blade

  • Butterfly Knife

  • Dirk, dagger, ice pick or sling shot

  • Metal knuckles

  • Laser pointers or lights

  • Noisemakers (megaphones, sirens, whistles, air horns)

  • Flammable liquids

  • Aerosol cans

  • Fireworks



One companion or personal attendant is admitted at the admission gates at no charge with the paid admission of the patron with disabilities. (Please note: This does not apply to concerts admissions or carnival rides.)

Parking & Entry

Accessible parking and entry to the Fair is most convenient at the Orange D Gate located at the entrance off of 13th and Jefferson.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the Fair but must be kept on a leash at all times. Please note, the pavement can be 15-20 degrees warmer than the temperature of the air, so we recommend you use shoes on your dog. If your dog needs to cool off, the First Aid office is air conditioned and you are welcome to a short visit.


Lost People

Persons who have become separated from their parents/guardians are brought to the Information & Lost Kids Booth, where they will have a quiet place to wait. We act quickly to find lost children/persons and reunite them with their guardians.


Children/persons who become separated from their parents/guardians should go to a uniformed Fair employee, or a Fair ambassador wearing a black branded shirt or jacket.

Lost Kids and Information Booth Proudly sponsored by: Better Built Barns 

Take A Photo

Parents/guardians are encouraged to use their mobile phone to take a photo of their child on arrival. Should you become separated, a photo will help our Safety and Security Team to quickly find the child.

Wear a "Lost Persons" Bracelet

We recommend that children, and adults who would find it useful, wear a “Lost Persons” bracelet, which is available at the Information & Lost Kids Booth. Write a mobile phone number (but not the child’s name) on the inside of the wristband, where it is accessible to Fair personnel but not to the public. These wristbands may be worn by anyone of any age who is unable to remember a phone number.

Reporting a Lost Item

If you lose something at the Lane County Fair:

Please call 541.682.4292. You must leave a voicemail message.

Be sure to:


Describe the lost item, using as much detail as you can, including the date you attended the Fair. (See examples below.)


Speak clearly. When you leave your name and phone number, speak slowly enough that we can write down your phone number. Spell your name if you think that will help us to find your records.


If you lost a cell phone, please include the phone brand (such as Samsung, iPhone, etc.) and the phone service (such as AT&T or Verizon), as well as any other information that will help identify your phone (such as distinctive case or custom decoration).


If you lost keys, please include information such as an approximate number of keys; if it is a keyless fob; whether they are car, home or office keys; and whether there is a key ring decorative item. If so, describe the decorative item; and other detailed information that will help us identify which set of lost keys are yours.


Lost items from the Fair will be kept until September 1st. After that, they will be donated to charity.

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Clear Bag Policy and Bag Checks
The Lane County Fair is implementing a Clear Bag Policy and bag checks at all admission gates. For more information, please click here



The Lane County Fair has a full Safety Services staff who are trained to handle any emergency. Should you be at the Fair during an emergency, please follow the instructions of uniformed Fair personnel.

First Aid

The First Aid tent is located on the south end of the Fairgrounds, near the Yellow Entrance Gate. The Lane County Fair has a staff of EMTs and other health-care professionals who can treat minor injuries and assess when a Fair guest should be transported to a hospital.

First Aid can come to you if you are hurt on the Fairgrounds. Please contact the nearest uniformed Fair employee, so he or she can summon our First Aid team.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS)

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located throughout the Fairgrounds, and can be used by anyone by simply following the voice instructions that occur when the AED is opened.


At the Fair, safety and cleanliness are our top priority. Our clean teams will be out and about throughout the entire Fair keeping surfaces, high touch points, restrooms, trash cans more clean and sanitized for your safety.


Nursing Moms

The Lane County Fair provides an area specifically designated for nursing mothers in the Triangle Room. This room is located just inside the Convention Center to the right of the main doors.


Automatic Teller Machines are located throughout the Fairgrounds. All ATM locations are listed on the Program Guide map which is handed out at all admission gates. A $3.00 fee is charged for all transactions (fee subject to change).

Local Accommodations

There are many options when planning your visit to the Fair! Please visit our local Eugene, Cascades and Coast for current lodging deals.


Eugene also has a vibrant assortment of local Airbnbs for rent during the summer!

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